Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stardate 61680.73 - Basic Instructions

If you read Scott Adam's blog, then you already know all about the comic Basic Instructions. If you don't, however, I want to draw your attention to a comic that I find pretty funny, and would easily list it in my top 5 or so comics (which is bad news for Scott Meyer because now I want a new comic EVERY TIME I GO TO HIS SITE and not just once per week).

I urge you to read this week's comic, "How to Deal With a Rash".

And specifically for James, I give you "How to Stop Drinking Caffeine".

If you smile or laugh, then check out some of the archives. Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert, in case you didn't know) has been working with Scott Meyer on how to get syndicated. When Scott's comic is in every newspaper and he is huge you can say you were in the know before he became super-famous.



JamesF said...

I can definitely relate to the caffeine one.

Thanks for the heads up on the comic, it does seem rather amusing. I'll check it out at home when I have more time.

Trailing Male said...

Damn you!!! How dare you add YET ANOTHER comic to my "must read" list!!!

Seriously. I already have the gitp set, sluggy, crimson dark, far reaches, girl genius, zap branagan, phil & dixie, plus the washington post regulars....

Thanks. I will officially name my first "B" grade since going back to school "Curt" in your honor!