Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stardate 61715.88 - Construction Starts

These are not the best pictures because not only did Cheryl take them from her phone, but also the lighting is not that great late in the afternoon right now, since it is getting darker earlier. But you might be able to just tell in these photos that the wall to Loren's new room is mostly completed. Also the pile of deconstruction material in the middle of the living room has been replaced by a pile of construction material.

So progress is being made!

I can't wait until I'm back in town at the end of the week and can see an entire week of progress. The project manager told Cheryl that he would need the light fixtures in 4 weeks, so we hope that means that they will be very far along in 4 weeks. We don't think they'd put the new lights up before the ceilings are painted, for example, and we're pretty sure painting is far down on the list of things they have to do.

Here Loren ran towards the camera, but nevertheless it is a picture of her in her new room and you can see the new wall to the right. The other side has the drywall up but the side that opens into her room is still incomplete. Also, Cheryl said that Loren's room felt bigger with the wall up than she expected. It was always hard to judge without the wall in place exactly how big her room was going to be. They still have to build the closet, but she said the room felt like a good size.

Also Cheryl told me she can really get a feel now for where the furniture is going to go in the living room, so we can start planning that a little more seriously now. We have a lot of large pieces of furniture to get rid of (pieces that were fine in the suburbs of Virginia, a little crowded in our rental, and will be quite crowded in our co-op), which means some new furniture will need to be purchased.

But things are progressing!

O'Fallon, IL


cheryl said...

Actually, his exact words were "I don't have a ballpark but at least 4 weeks"-- not that he needs them in 4 weeks. So translation is probably 6-8 weeks. And by mentioning it on the blog you've now jinxed it to 12 weeks : )

-r said...

Cheryl, at least you have an accurate perspective on construction time! ;)

-r said...

I really like Loren's shirt too! :)

SMY said...

I love seeing the progress!