Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stardate 61687.52 - Saturday in NYC

This weekend we decided to stay in town and get some things done around the apartment in preparation for our eventual move into the new place (don't ask, we'll let you know). After running some errands in the morning we went out to Jackson Heights, Queens to Sripraphai (a Thai restaurant). We went there just over a year ago and we are reposting the picture from that trip below for comparison with the picture from the trip today.

The food was really good, with one slight exception. For appetizers we ordered pork & crab rolls and watercress salad with squid, shrimp, and chicken. The rolls were fried, and quite tasty. The watercress in the salad was also fried, which was a bit of a surprise. I also ordered one of my standard Thai dishes, Panang Curry with Chicken. It was the perfect level of heat. Loren spotted the fountain in the garden area and spent the entire meal wanting to get up to go see it, so finally we let her go outside and she was fascinated by it.

After returning home for her nap we went to the playground across the street, but Loren wasn't really into it. We did swing for a short time together.

Then we got ice cream, and once we were done eating we stopped by the library for some books.



-r said...

Count your blessings that Loren will still sit in a high chair...not an option for LE! :(

Anonymous said...

I love that restaurant! I miss it!