Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stardate 61713.27 - So Very Warm

Just look at these great temperatures! It is finally feeling a little like fall, and while I am going to miss both those lazy Saturdays on the beach and also the sailing season, I do enjoy the cooler temperatures that arrive with fall. I enjoy switching to jeans, being able to wear a blazer to dress up a little, and the nice cool breeze blowing through the windows as I telecommute from home during the day.

Yes, as much as I morn the passing of summer, there is something about the fall that seems to energize me in some way. I do enjoy a slow, gradual progression towards winter.
Of course, I'm not actually in New York this week to enjoy it. Instead I am back in O'Fallon, Illinois where summer's death grip still clutches the land. Instead of upper 70s and maybe 80 I get to experience upper 80s to 90 degrees this week.

In a suit.

Driving back and forth between 3 different places where I have meetings today.

Oh, the joys of travel!!

O'Fallon, IL

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