Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stardate 61754.73 - What I'm Watching

Since James called me "TV stingy," I feel I should share my list of what I am watching on TV, now that the new season has started. I know that The Office is running at an hour right now and not its normal 30 minutes, so I'll go ahead and count it as an hour of TV (before someone points that out to me). The sum total for the shows currently on the air is 6 hours. There are 3 hours of programming that are not showing yet, bringing my total to 9. Once those other shows start, however, there are usually enough re-runs from my list that the actual total is 7 during any given week (and the office will be back to 30 minutes before too long, bringing the total lower again).

  • NCIS - The Navy version of CSI. If I am watching this and Cheryl is in the room she will pay attention, but otherwise she doesn't see it.
  • Reaper - New show; one that Cheryl also likes and may watch regularly, depending on how the season goes.
  • Law & Order: SVU - This one continues to outshine the other L&O shows, including the original even though it is pretty depressing. Also one Cheryl watches when she has time.
  • The Office - I didn't watch this during the first season or so, but it is consistently funny and we've added it to our lineup. Cheryl watches this one regularly.
  • CSI - This one is the closest to being dropped (remember that I dropped Two and a Half Men last year). I like it, but I'm not sure they can continue to come up with new and interesting cases without jumping the shark.

Shows on the list but not currently on the air:



ac said...

Apparently a lot of BSG folks are involved with Bionic Woman, including Starbuck...not enough to make me watch. In the days of Netflix and instant TV season DVD releases, I'm just not into catching a new show. I need to go back and watch 30 Rock, and maybe watch Chuck and Reaper when their DVDs come out.

JamesF said...

Heh, the three shows on your list that currently aren't on the air are three that I dropped after last season (although to be fair I dropped 24 after four episodes of last season).

Ginger watches NCIS as of last season (she's even going through the DVDs of earlier seasons through Netflix), but I didn't list all the stuff Ginger watches in my TV list, only a couple of shows.

Vincent said...

I finally caught the premiere episode of "Pushing Daisies" last night on my DVR.

The critics probably like the show too much for it to last, but don't wait for the DVD. This was one of best series pilots I've seen in a long while. And, yes, the lead character really does work in a place called "The Pie Hole".

jm said...

Love SVU.

And of course BSG.

People in LA have been rolling their eyes at Bionic Woman since the screeners came out over the summer, and it looks awful.

PS: You watch a lot of TV!

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Just to set the record straight, the average number of hours per day of television watched by family in the US is something like 4, so I think I'm doing pretty well at just an hour per day! Although Jess pointed out that I don't talk about NetFlix or other entertainment mediums (like DVD, web pages) that can suck up even more time. But actually I try to keep the movies to a minimum while TV season is on. Once re-runs start and the weather gets cold we'll start back up with the NetFlix titles.

Vincent said...

I don't want to champion Bionic Woman too hard (the show so far has been a mixed bag, IMO), but there have been lots of changes going on behind the scene.

Glen Morgan is gone, two folks have been stolen from Friday Night Lights - a critical darling - to help BW along, and it looks like even the cinematography is going to be changed up (switching from 35mm to handheld 16mm sometime around episode 6). The first episode (the one after the pilot) was a rescue job put together from pieces of what were originally intended to be two episodes.

I think there is potential in the show, and if the updated team can exploit it then BW might be a keeper after the December hiatus. If things have not improved by then, I'll give it up.