Monday, October 08, 2007

Stardate 61769.27 - Weekend in VA

This weekend was my 20th High School Reunion event in Virginia. I cannot believe it has already been 20 years since I graduated from Buffalo Gap High School. We drove down Friday morning and the event kicked off with a tour of the much-renovated school. Here Loren and I sit in some desks in one of the classrooms.

After the tour we watched some of the football game (Gap won) but Loren was so tired from the drive and the long day that we left before it was over and went back to "Nanna and Kraker's house. Saturday consisted of a picnic and then an "adult's only" event at a bar/restaurant downtown. Apparently I never took a single picture of either of those events, so I'm hoping people e-mail me some that I can post later.

Loren had a great time. Here she plays with Kraker at the river.

Here she drives her cousin Zach's "Jeep" around the driveway (video to follow soon).

Mom and Judy had some friends in town, and there son Josh drove the car for a while and Loren went along for the ride.

Here Loren visits with Nanna shortly before we left on Sunday to come back to NYC.

Here are Nanna, Kraker, Loren, me, and Cheryl. I'm wearing a Buffalo Gap Alumni hat Cheryl purchased for me at the football game.

Cheryl got the short end of the stick on the return trip and had to drive in an hour of stop-and-go traffic on I-78 in PA. We left Mom's at 2 PM and didn't get home until 10PM.

Here is Loren in her car seat - a place she got to enjoy for a long time on Sunday! You will notice that Dora is beside her, keeping her company.


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Trailing Male said...

Unfortunately I had a scheduling conflict and couldn't attend, although I was back in Virginia for the first time in over a year. Kim Houff emailed a link to photos - did you get it?