Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stardate 61804.7 - Sunday Playground

This morning we went by the new place to check on progress and we then went to the playground nearby for Loren to get some fresh air. The playground is one of my favorites because it is not crowded, and one of Loren's favorites because she can play on the big kid part without being crowded out by bigger kids (which I guess is sort of the same basic reason).

She has been climbing up these chain ladder things for some time now without assistance, but this is the first time I caught her mid-climb with the camera.

Loren never seems to enjoy the swings for more than about a minute. Then she gets an unhappy expression on her face for another few swings and then she declares that she is done and ready to get out.

And here is a nice shot of the tram moving overhead--the one we were on yesterday to get over to our play date.


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