Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas, Part I

We had our first installment of Christmas today. This morning we opened the gifts sent from Virginia by Curt's family so that Loren will have time to enjoy them before we take her away to New Jersey on Monday. She got lots of nice clothes (that she couldn't care less about, but I appreciate), books and toys. In the picture she is playing with a huge Dora coloring and sticker book, and wearing a Crayola backpack full of drawing supplies.

Today was kind of a lazy day around the apartment, other than a trip to the Container Store to get some organization ideas. Curt didn't blog about a major milestone we reached this week: all of the major furniture pieces we ordered--bookshelves, sleeper sofa, dresser and nightstands -- have arrived, and on Thursday Curt unpacked the last box that was sitting out visible in the apartment. This is not to say that we are fully unpacked -- there are still a few boxes in the closets, our bedroom has suitcases stacked in it, and the closets are still pretty disorganized because we were throwing things into the closets just to get them out of boxes. Hence the trip to the Container Store. But we no longer have to look at any moving boxes, and the kitchen, living room and Loren's room are really starting to come together. After the holidays we will shop for a TV stand, armchair (or two), and counter stools. My new favorite furniture store, Room & Board, has their annual clearance sale starting on the 26th, and I am looking forward to seeing what will go on sale.

Tomorrow some of my relatives will be coming into the city, assuming they don't get scared off by the monsoon rains in the forecast. Then Monday we go to NJ for my family's big Christmas celebration, which this year will also be a 60th birthday party for my mom and dad.

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Cheryl said...

I really like the stuff in Room&Board too. Maybe one day Richmond will have a store.