Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stardate 61929.58 - Trip to the Aquarium

The Saturday before we moved into the new place we went to the New York Aquarium. Earlier in the fall we joined the Central Park Zoo (actually the Wildlife Conservation Society), and our membership also includes the Aquarium and provided us with some free parking passes so we drove out to Brooklyn for the Aquarium and lunch.

For the first time the TeleNav software on my phone let me down - I punched in "New York Aquarium" and it was trying to send me to some other place, but not the actual Aquarium. Luckily, Cheryl remembered the exit numbers from the last time she was there (high school?) and other than one wrong turn trying to get into the parking lot we got there without incident. We used TeleNav to return and she took us on the scenic view through Brooklyn back to Manhattan. At one point on the return trip Cheryl pointed to a building and said, "That is where my friend Inna's family lives!"

The Mommy Walrus had recently had a calf, so the walrus tank was a big draw (not that the place was crowded, it was in fact pretty empty).

For lunch Cheryl picked Totonno's Pizza, which is pretty highly rated. Loren was at the end of her patience, so it was not a particularly pleasant meal for us or the people around us (it was empty when we arrived, but about 50% full by the time we left) but the pizza was good.



Cheryl said...

A couple of clarifications: I had never been to the aquarium before. I remembered the exit numbers because I had glanced at the directions on the website. Also, Totonno's is not necessarily very highly rated anymore, but it is famous - I think the oldest continually operating pizzeria in NYC (or maybe in Brooklyn). Fans of char on their pizza would like it.

bubba said...

If you really want to know how the USA goofed up, watch Tora, Tora,Tora a 1960 movie. Alot of the scenes in Midway were from this movie.