Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stardate 61985.00 - Christmas, Part Two

On Sunday we had Cheryl's Aunt Janice and Uncle Steve over. They live in California and were out for the holidays and wanted to spend some time in the city. So after some sight-seeing in the rain, they came over (our first guests in the new place!) and we spent some time visiting and then we all went out to dinner at Bistro 61. That place never disappoints! Steve and Janice had the Mussels and Fries, I had the burger, and Cheryl had another seafood dish. I cannot remember which one it was, as I was reading to Loren when she ordered it. Loren did pretty well for a "long" restaurant trip--usually getting one slide of pizza is the limit of her restaurant tolerance. Steve and Janice then returned to NJ after dinner.

On Monday we drove out to NJ to Cheryl's parent's place. Bill and Carol's tree is in the photo above. Cheryl's brother Andy and his wife Jen put a huge amount of effort into a meal Monday night to celebrate Bill and Carol's 60th birthdays (and for the usual Christmas Eve celebration). We had 20 people over at Bill and Carol's, so handling dinner for that crowd was no small feat. We contributed a couple of dishes, but Steve and Rachel were delayed by a day on their flight out, so they were not able to make the dessert as planned (Andy and Jen had to make an emergency run out for a replacement). So a big shout-out to Andy and Jen for a job well done!

The event went very well (much better than two Christmases ago as no-one ended up in the hospital this time), and there was plenty of food and dessert. We opened gifts with the aunts and uncles and cousins, and then had dessert.

Loren particularly liked her cupcake.

We spent the night in NJ, and the next post will talk about Christmas morning.


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