Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stardate 61987.50 - Christmas, Part Four

After we opened gifts on Christmas we went outside where it was pretty balmy and took some pictures of Loren and Ellie in their matching outfits.

For lunch we went to Cheryl's Grandmother's condo at the beach, and somehow managed to cram 15 people into her place. It got pretty warm in there, and at one point I propped the front door open to get some air moving. While Loren napped (it was a very late nap) we played the game Apples to Apples, and Cheryl's Mom won the game barely fighting off a last-minute surge from Cheryl's Dad. Apparently we never took the camera out, however, as we have no pictures from lunch.

Once Loren was up we drove back to NYC, and Cheryl went back to work on Wednesday and Loren went back to school. Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen came into the city on Wednesday and after a visit to The Met came down to our place for dinner. Cheryl cooked up some chicken and the same Gorgonzola salad that was such a huge hit at Thanksgiving. They went back to NJ Wednesday night so they could get in some more visiting with Steve and Rachel Thursday morning before heading back to the Northern Virginia area. We're supposed to get together with Steve and Rachel and Ethan and Ellie again before they head back to Arkansas, but I'm not sure when.

I had planned to work half-days this week, but with new DVDs to watch and things to do around the apartment (like un-decorate the tree and post Christmas photos to this blog) I've taken more Paid Time Off than I originally planned. But things are really, really slow at work right now (most people are off until the second or third of January) so it isn't a problem. I do have some things I must get done this week before our vacation starts in early January so I have a feeling I'll end up working a full-day tomorrow. Not that I would put anything off until Friday.


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