Thursday, April 10, 2008

Puzzle Mania

Loren and I are having a fairly uneventful week while Curt is in Illinois. I am busy at work and overcaffeinated--not downing espresso at 6 pm or anything like that, but a second cup of coffee in the morning or a Diet Coke at lunch, which is enough to lead to a vicious cycle of staying up too late at night and needing a little extra caffeine again to be functional the next day.

Of course having so much one-on-one time leads to some special...let's call them bonding moments for me and Loren. This morning I treated her to breakfast in the cafeteria at work. I had the nerve to eat a bite of her croissant, normally not a problem but this morning she decided it was not at all acceptable: "I need it back! Spit it out!" At the top of her lungs. With tears. "Loren, it's already in my tummy. I can't give it back." "NO! I NEED IT BACK!", lifting up my shirt to see if she could get it out of my tummy that way, as all eyes in the cafeteria turn our way. She kept up the tears all the way down the hall to school. Not really a tantrum, but definitely impressive drama.

There have been some nice moments too. We finally had some warmer weather, and on the way home a couple of nights we stopped off at Sutton Place Park at end of 57th St by the river. It has a gorgeous view of the Queensboro bridge, a sandbox, and a statue to climb on. For whatever reason we had never explored it before. A nice place for Loren to run off some energy before going home.

Loren has really gotten into her puzzles lately, and in fact I don't think she's played with any of her other toys during the mornings and evenings this week. She wanted to try her farm jigsaw puzzle for the first time last weekend , doing it over and over with Curt until she could do it by herself. So we bought her a new zoo puzzle with more pieces, and she's almost got that one mastered (except for the side with the giraffe, where the pieces are quite similar to one another). She must get the puzzle gene from Nana. I'm sure Nana and Kracker will be thrilled to have a new helper with their 1000-piece jigsaws : )

Here also are a few pictures from gymnastics last weekend, and from our lunch outdoors at Republic on Union Square after visiting the Greenmarket.

Let's hope American Airlines gets its act together and Curt makes it home from St. Louis tomorrow!

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