Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stardate 62264.51 - Blast from the Past

Today an old college friend of mine, Ellie, was in town with her husband, parents, and two children (Rachel and Drew). We probably haven't seen Ellie and Buck in 10 years. Ellie and I worked together in the Honor System back during our days at Virginia Tech, and were in at least one class together.

We met up at Central Park to go to the zoo. When we first planned this day for the zoo, it was supposed to be 60 and sunny. Instead, it was 40s and overcast. The kids still enjoyed the zoo, and it was a nice visit. For some reason, Loren didn't want to wear her coat for most of the visit (you'll notice she is lightly dressed for the weather). Drew and Rachel did a good job of shepherding Loren around, and Loren interacted really well with them (especially considering they were several years older than Loren). After the zoo we ate a quick lunch in the zoo cafe and then we returned home while they went to get ready to go to a show in the afternoon.


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