Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stardate 62293.14 - Loren's Second Haircut

Cheryl has been trying to grow out Loren's hair, rather than cutting bangs, because once you cut bangs you are committed to them. As a result, it has been some time since Loren's first haircut. After seeing the pictures of Loren working the puzzles, however, Cheryl decided it was time for a trim (but no bangs!). This time we took the camera (last time was spontaneous and Cheryl had to use her phone camera to capture the moment).

And here is the final result!!



JC said...

What a doll - adorable haircut!

JamesF said...

Very cute haircut (and good picture too).

SMY said...

Adorable haircut!
(My first comment in a long time--I'm just now emerging from months of bar studying and trial planning : ).