Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stardate 62320.47 - Walk the Line

Cheryl and I watched Walk the Line Saturday night. This was a story about Johnny Cash, and won a lot of praise and some awards in 2005-2006. It clocked in at a little over 2 hours and we started it after 9PM, so it is a tribute as to how good it is that not old did we stay up until 11:30PM watching it, but also Cheryl stayed awake for the entire film.

The movie focuses on his start and early career, and I must confess that I knew nothing about the man and very little about his music. I found the movie to be quite interesting, and clearly it held my attention. We do agree with the director (mentioned during the "deleted scenes" extras) that the start was a bit slow (hence a lot of early deleted scenes), but we still give it two thumbs up.

Even if you have never really listened to the "The Man in Black's" music, you will still enjoy the film.


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