Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stardate 62253.09 - Words of Wisdom

A long, long time ago (10+ years) I cut the following from a church bulletin (I think it was a Unison Prayer of Confession). I thought it was pretty wise, and I've kept it around. Today I'm almost recovered from the stomach virus, but since I'm sure you don't want to see pictures of that fiasco (not that we took any), I thought I'd share this today. I have no idea if it was taken from something famous, or just put together by my old minister or the Presbyterian Church.

Forgive us for being sidetracked by things of little consequence, lest we miss the road signs of our purpose and destiny. May we not be so enslaved in a monotonous rut that we miss the spell of a sunset, a strain of lovely music, the song of a bird, the sweetness of love. Help us weigh what is important, for our worth is measured by those things about which we busy ourselves.



wtfree3 said...

Should the passage end this way instead: "...for our worth is NOT measured by those things about which we busy ourselves."?

Otherwise, very appropos.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

I disagree. Your re-wording implies don't busy yourself with things that don't matter. The original wording is more proactive and implies you should actively busy yourself with things that do matter.

wtfree3 said...

See, my problem is with the word 'busy,' as it implies (at least to me) the distractions that really are not important in life. It's easy to be busy. It's harder to be ... well, I don't have the right word for it just yet. I just don't think busy is it. It's got too many other subtle meanings.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

If you are looking for something to busy yourself with, click here.