Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stardate 64812.64 - A Little Vacation (Part Three)

On our trip to Virginia we also visited with Monique and Justin and their kids, Caelan (2) and Raicheal (new born). We went on a little pirate boat ride on the Patomic River out of Alexandria. It was a very hot day.

Here is the new Wilson Bridge. Cheryl and I had driven over the old one many times back when we lived in the area.

National airport in the haze.

It was a nice visit, despite the heat, and Loren and Kate even got pirate souvenirs!

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

My Guiding Principle

Best. Comic. Ever.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Stardate 64772.34 - A Little Vacation (Part Two)

On one of those vacation weekends I did take one day off and we drove down to Northern Virginia to visit with several people, including Cheryl's brother Andy and his wife Jen. While we visited with them we took a trip to the Udvar Hazy center, which we'd never been to (even though we used to live in the area). It was really cool, although the girls lost patience quickly (I think they were a bit over tired and off from the trip).

And of course, the Enterprise.

And and Jen pose with the stroller.

Another view of the SR-71.

We also took the girls to a little park for them to run around and burn off some energy.

Kate was really excited by Peru cooking...

We also had a little fun in Andy and Jen's music room.

And while we were visiting we also spent some time at a water park. We thought it was more of just a couple pools and had we known the extent of the area Cheryl would have brought her suit. But alas, it fell to me to keep the girls in line in the water. ;-)

The trip isn't over yet! Stay tuned for more visiting in Part Three.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Stardate 64772.29 - A Little Vacation (Part One)

Back in August Cheryl took 3 weeks off to hang out with Loren and Kate before Loren started Kindergarten. I was still on a project for the Board of Elections and couldn't take any time off in the weeks leading up to the Primary Election, so I came out to the beach house here and there (and on the weekends) while Cheryl and the girls remained out in NJ. Cheryl did enroll Loren in a day camp, which Loren really loved so we'll see if we can do something similar next summer.

Here the girls enjoy a cool treat in the heat.

Eating grapes in front of the TV.

Loren loves to play school! And she can read pretty well now, too!

My Dad and his girlfriend Valarie came up for a weekend and we had dinner at Moby's with Cheryl's parents. It was a cloudy day but pretty warm as I recall.

Loren killed time before dinner was ready by playing around on the docks.

Kate's hot dog was almost as tall as she is!

The next day we went up to Twin Lights and climbed the stairs to the top of one of the towers and got some great shots.

The town of Highlands is below, with Sandy Hook in the distance (and beyond that in the haze is New York City).

This little sliver of land is part of Sea Bright, where Cheryl's Grandmother lives.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ