Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stardate 59395.68 - Trip to Finger Lakes

Just got back from a terrific trip camping at the Finger Lakes. We stayed at Taughannock Falls State Park with its knifing 215-foot freefall waterfall in the Cayuga Lake area. We did some great hikes, and took in a couple of cool wineries. We ate dinner almost every night in Ithaca, home to Cornell University. It is a very cool college town, with really good food. We even ate at the famous Moosewood restaurant, although it was weird paying money to eat a meal out that we've probably cooked at home from one of their cookbooks. The best wineries that we went to were Thirsty Owl Wine Company and Lucas. Didn't like Americana - the server gave off a bad vibe. Also went to a hard cider place that was really cool with very nice people: Bellwether Hard Cider. We had perfect weather except for a very cold first night (thank goodness for 20 degree sleeping bags!) and a rainy final night (so we had to pack up everything wet and then dry it out in our Manhattan apartment!). It was just five days (Wed - Sun) but it was a much-needed break from work. Speaking of which, I have to get back on the clock.
Excalibur out.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Stardate 59333.11 - Hitchhiker's Guide

Went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Saturday. Two thumbs up! This rating is despite the sound problems the theater we went to see it at was experiencing. The music was too loud, and the voices were too soft. I have never worked in a movie theater, so I don't know what causes this situation, but it was very annoying. I did see that the movie hit #1 over the weekend, which was a big surprise to me because my theater was only 50% full at 1630, while the line for The Translator at 1600 stretched for a block (which is why we saw Hitchhiker instead).

On Sunday we went hiking in the rain. Got home in time for the sun to come out. Big shout out to the Mianus Gorge. Close to NYC, and pretty cool hiking. It is the first land project of the Nature Conservancy (which we support), and it is the first Natural History Landmark designated by the US Federal Government.

Excalibur Out.