Friday, March 25, 2011

Stardate 65229.25 - Fairies, Princesses, and Crazies

Here are some photos from February of the girls. First, Kate is a Fairy!!

Next, Loren and Kate are Princesses on their thrones.

Here they pose in their "Big Sister", "Little Sister" shirt.

And this was some type of crazy clothes thing, where they wore pants on their heads and socks on their hands.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Stardate 65208.98 - Loren's Special Day

Loren's school vacations and Citi's holiday calendar sync up, so when Loren has a day off from school I almost always have a day off from work. So she and I enjoy a father-daughter day together, which usually involves working on a project. In February we opened up a scrapbook project that she had received for Christmas and put it together. It was a lot of fun and we completed the entire project in one sitting, which is pretty good as it took a long time.

Loren's ability to sit and work on something and stay focused is getting better and better. Last weekend at the beach house, for example, she took a stack of books and sat on our bed and read for 30 minutes - all by herself.


Stardate 65208.94 - Kate's Birthday

Wow. Not a single post in over 2 months. We've had a lot going on I guess, and I have been extremely busy at work with a series of full-week meetings, including a trip to Dallas and a trip to London. Some other events happened in January, like Kate turning 2. Here are some pictures of her birthday part at the beach house.

The girls enjoy sitting together and watching Dora in the morning while Kate plays with her new Barbie.

We also had another birthday party to attend of a former pre-school classmate of Loren's. It was a pirate-themed party.

We also had a loss in January as we had to put our cat, Squirt, to sleep after a 6-month battle with kidney failure. She was almost 15 years old, so she had a good long life but it was still a pretty sad event around here. I'll put up a memorial post for her as soon as I can dig up all the good photos of her we have digital as well as scan in some of her early photos.