Sunday, August 08, 2010

Stardate 64601.24 - Finally!

While Loren's swimming has been improving, one thing she still hates is putting her face into the water. She won't jump into the pool during class because she doesn't want her face/head under the water. We may have just cracked the code on getting her comfortable with submerging her head:


Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Stardate 64599.69 - Blue Water Regatta

Today I raced as crew on Tony's boat Saga in the cruising division of the Blue Water Regatta for the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club. I remembered to bring the camera, but Cheryl had recently adjusted the resolution to take a bunch of pictures of Loren's artwork before most of it went into the recycling so all the pictures I took today are at the camera's lowest resolution.

Here are some of the boats lined up in the mooring field.

We are on the launch, dropping off racers at their various boats.

Here is Saga, a Pearson 303.

Here is the boat owner and skipper, Tony, at the helm during the race.

We finished 5th out of 8 boats in the cruising division. That is one place better than our last race 2 weekends ago. Here is a final shot of Saga on her mooring ball after the race.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Friday, August 06, 2010

Stardate 64596.41 - Thanksgiving in July

We had our annual Thanksgiving in July event this summer the last weekend of July at my Uncle Herb and Aunt Randi's place in Connecticut. As usual, there was a lot of interest in the pool.

He had recently had a massive tree come down in his back yard, hence the straw and grass seed.

Loren put on a vest so that she could go into the deep end and had a great time swimming and swimming around and keeping up with the bigger kids, like her cousin Zach.

Kate enjoyed the same red and yellow car that Loren enjoyed 3 years ago (the last time the event was in Connecticut).

Kate demonstrated her love of all things sweet and messy.

The cousins all enjoyed the play house (I have never asked why one wall is missing).

Herb and Randi's Great Dane kept a watchful eye on everyone.

When we were trying to pack up Sunday morning to return to NYC Kate just couldn't keep out of the pool.

A great big "Thank You!" to Herb and Randi for hosting it this year. I hear next year is Ginger's turn since she couldn't make it this year. :-)


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stardate 64588.72 - Picnic and Butterflies

On July 11, Cheryl organized a picnic for Loren and her classmates, as many of them are headed off to Kindergarten this fall. It was held in the Peter Cooper Village complex. It threatened rain for the first 30 minutes or so, but finally cleared up and the picnic commenced.

At one point the kids entered the fountain in the complex, but as that was apparently against the rules they were hustled out of it by complex security.

Nana and Kracker had given Loren a butterfly kit for Christmas, but not wanting to watch them perish in the habitat, we waited until summer to order them. Two containers of caterpillars arrived, and after about a week they built their cocoons. About a week later they hatched into butterflies and after a few days in NYC we transported them to the beach house where they were freed on July 17th. Loren wanted some pictures before we let them go by our garden, so here are some not-so-focused pictures of the 10 butterflies (they all made it)!

And finally, a picture of the girls enjoying a moment together in front of the TV.


Stardate 64588.71 - Visit from Cool Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen

The weekend of July 10 "Cool" Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen stopped by for a visit. Loren enjoyed playing Clue with a larger group of people.

And Kate showed off her scooter skills, sans clothes.


Stardate 64588.65 - Fourth of July, 2010

We went out to the beach house for the Fourth of July and the Fireman's Carnival was underway in Atlantic Highlands.

We also spent a couple of days on the beach, enjoying the water and the cool ocean breeze.

Loren actually wanted to be taken out into the ocean so she could swim. We had a pretty calm ocean so she really enjoyed it.

We also purchased a slip-n-slide for the back yard because of the intense summer heat and both girls enjoyed it!

The garden started to yield some results.

And finally, here are a couple of slip-n-slide pictures to end the post with.


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Stardate 64583.21 - Victorian Gardens

Back in 2007 the company I was with at the time rented out Victorian Gardens in Central Park for the company picnic. Loren had a terrific time. This year on June 21 we were invited to the family donor event at the same place, and it was really neat to see the difference in what Loren could ride and to also see Kate mirroring the same activities that Loren did 3 years ago.

I was amazed that Loren wanted to ride things like the swings, all by herself.

Cheryl took both girls in the balloon ride (Kate's first ride).

Another ride where Loren was pretty far up in the air (for a 4.5-year old!) was the plane ride.

Kate enjoyed the slower rides like the boat ride, but there was also a mini-roller coaster that Kate loved and rode 3 times.

And, of course, she had to drive the truck just like her sister did back in 2007.