Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stardate 64084.5 - Ballet Recital

On Sunday, December 27th, we drove all the way back to NJ from Verona, VA in order to make it in time for Loren's Ballet Recital (which had been postponed from the great snowy Saturday). We got back in time to stop for a quick lunch and to swing by the beach house to drop off the Virginia presents. Then we hustled over to the YMCA in Redbank for the recital. Cheryl's parents just made it as they were driving up from Arlington, VA where they had been visiting Andy and Jen. Cheryl's Grandmother was there before we even arrived.

Here the instructor, Miss Hannah, poses with Loren after the recital.

And I pose with the girls before we leave.

Loren did very well! Unfortunately, the next level class is not taught on the weekend so it looks like we won't be doing ballet any more this winter. We'll have to see what Loren wants to learn next.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Stardate 64079.25 - Holiday Time Wraps Up

On Saturday we hung out with family for the day. There was a lot of family, and a lot of food.

In the afternoon we went over to Ginger's to see her new house and to have snacks and drinks. The "and drinks" part becomes important, as you will see as the pictures progress below. Here Kate sleeps with Aunt Susan holds her and all seems well with the world.

Then Loren decided to direct a play, and somehow I ended up with a gorilla mask.

But I wasn't the only one with a mask on...

Or a funny wig...

Or funny hats...

In fact, everyone got pretty silly while Loren tried to maintain order and do something vaguely resembling directing a play.

Finally, she gave up and a few of us went outside to test out Aidan's snowball blaster (a gift from us, by the way). Here I demonstrate the proper form for the device but apparently not the proper attire for being outside in the snow.

Cousin Hillary also give it a shot. (Pun intended).

The sky was pretty cool looking that evening.

Aidan and Loren played for a while in the snow in the back yard, long after I got too cold to stay outside with only a t-shirt on. Even if it was an awesome Jessica Stover t-shirt, which apparently gives you the power to be outside in the snow without any ill effects for a limited time.

Here Ginger poses in her backyard with me and Kate.

Then it was back over to Nana and Kracker's for the night. Sunday we had to get up very early and drive to NJ for Loren's ballet recital. But that is a topic for another post.


Stardate 64079.21 - Christmas in Verona

Wednesday we arrived in Verona to visit Nana and Kracker. Loren participated in another gingerbread house project. She was starting to get pretty good!

There was still a lot of snow on the ground in Verona, and Kate loved the big glass doors and looking outside from them.

Here is Nana (my Mom).

Zack helped Loren assemble her Hot Dog Stand, and they then served their first customer - Kate!

Christmas morning came and it was time to open the presents.

Loren got a butterfly growing habitat.

Nana and Kracker pose with the girls.

We then went over to the parents' place of a good friend of mine from High School. Loren loved the tools their son had received for Christmas.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Stardate 64007.02 - Christmas in Richmond, Part Two

Tuesday evening we headed over to my Uncle Harry and Aunt Melinda's place. Their daughter and my cousin Mandy is currently staying with them, and her son William had a ton of toys around for the girls to play with. Everyone did pretty well sharing, and Loren and Kate both loved the driving toys. We had an excellent dinner and enjoyed just sitting around in front of the TV some.

We spent the night and then Wednesday morning headed out for Mom's place in Verona.

Highlands, NJ

Stardate 64006.97 - Christmas in Richmond

On the Tuesday before Christmas we left Andy and Jen's in Arlington and traveled to Richmond to my Grandmother's place where my Dad, my sister Tracy, and Tracy's son Zachary met us. We opened some gifts, and then all went out for lunch. Afterward, Loren, Zach, and I played out back in the show for a bit.

Highlands, NJ