Friday, February 24, 2006

Captain's Log 60150.17 - Quick Trip and a Visit

I took a quick overnight trip to VA for a Thursday afternoon meeting. I stayed over on my own dime (or less than a dime, really, for I stayed with Trent, Jenny, and Sheldon - actually I guess I purchased them a gallon of milk so it was something like my $2.50). Anyway, this schedule permitted me to play D&D Thursday night at Rick's. The Hotel Phillips continues to get rave reviews, and with two cats on top of me at night I had no trouble keeping warm! ;-)

I even got a cool rental car this time - a Ford Mustang. I felt pretty cool tooling around in my sports car and my shades...going to my D&D game. Ok, maybe not that cool. Anyway, this was a trip where things generally went well with the accommodations, the car, and the flight...until I was boarding the return flight. But I'll get into that when I have more time. Lets just say it involves the darkness, a 6-inch diameter powercable on the tarmac, me, and the pavement.

My cousin Angelique came in to visit with her kids (Kaya and Van) today (her husband Laurence works in Manhattan). She and Van had a quick visit in the apartment while she sent their nanny and Kaya off to the Central Park Zoo. Afterwards, we all met at 61 Bistro for lunch. She probably won't like this picture very much as I think she was starting to talk when I snapped it, but it was the only picture I took that had her in it - the rest just had Van or Cheryl & Loren.

And since I cannot make a post without complaining about something, I want to say that I'm really starting to get mad with Photoshop Elements. I'm starting to have failures when I first connect the camera and it tries to get the pictures. The Cannon software may not have been pretty or feature-rich, but I never had any problems with it getting the damn pictures off of the camera.

Update: I caught a lot of crap from Angelique for not commenting on the quality of her visit, so here it is - Greatest Visit by a Cousin Ever!!



Rick Anderson said...

"darkness, a 6-inch diameter powercable on the tarmac, me, and the pavement"....

Damn that must have been funny!

-s said...

Just do your dumps with the Canon software and then bring them into elements for editing. I do my scanning in either VueScan or the Minolta software and then use elements to do the editing. Elements wasn't designed for high volume imports (though it does do a good job of batch work once the files are in).