Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stardate 60109.73 - Another Goofy Picture of John

John hated the picture I put up from yesterday's dinner so much I had to snap another one from Wednesday's dinner. We ate at On the Border in the Tyson's Area with an old co-worker of John's and her husband. I ate the one item on their entire menu that was marked as "healthy". It was a chicken breast with grilled vegetables and the entire place was supposed to be less than 800 calories. It was alright. I would have preferred something taster but I've been at work too early to work out every day this week, and I've been going out in the evenings.

I'll be glad when the proposal is over. And yes, my dear cousin Angelique, I'll still bitching about work!

McLean, VA


-s said...

You should try the OTB tortilla soup. Pretty good and not too unhealthy.

andy said...

This proposal is really cutting back on your blogging. What would Jessica Stover say?