Monday, February 06, 2006

Stardate 60101.23 - Move Review (DVD): Wedding Crashers

With a nearly three-month old baby at home we rarely watch an entire movie start to finish. We have what I like to call, “40-Minute Theater”. Essentially, Loren eats on one side for 20 minutes, and then on the other side for 20 minutes. So we watch shows and movies in 40 minute increments while she eats. This arrangement works out well for TV, as we can fit an hour-long show into 40 minutes by skipping the commercials. (The DVR is the greatest. invention. ever.) It also means that for most feature-length movies, it takes at least 3 feedings to watch start to finish.

Our Sunday 40-Minute Theater consisted of Wedding Crashers. It was pretty funny, kept us entertained, and while I’m not sure we laughed out loud, we did enjoy it. It was a little long, and there were a couple of scenes that Cheryl pointed out she would have expected to see in the deleted scenes section along with the commentary, “we cut this for pacing”. So we give it 2 thumbs up, and a solid “B” rating.

By the way, if any of my faithful readers is interested in what we are watching through Netflix, feel free to send an invitation to us to join as “friends” in their system and we can share what we’re watching and more importantly, the number of stars we have given every movie we’ve ever watched through Netflix. Right now we have our friends Trent, Jenny, & Sheldon and Cheryl’s brother and his wife Andy & Jen on our list as friends. It is pretty neat to see what they have watched, what is in their queue, and what is at home with them. Netflix even generates little quizzes you can take about what movies your friends liked or not and where they agreed or disagreed with the critics.


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