Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stardate 60123.55 - Sunset on Proposal Work!

No, I'm not back in Virginia. And these are actually from a sun rise, not a sun set (taken from my hotel room at the Courtyard Marriott from the last time I was there). But the proposal I've been working 10+ hours days on for the past three weeks is going to the print shop tonight. So tomorrow the sun will rise on a glorious day and I will take some time off. Maybe only working half-days for the rest of the week.

Cheryl is going to group this afternoon so we'll have a weight update on Loren. The past few weeks she hasn't been gaining much, but it looks like she is getting longer.

Right now Loren is a little sniffly, probably because it is cold and dry here in NYC right now.

And we have Andy and Jen coming up for a visit this weekend, arriving on Thursday.

No proposal to work and family visiting...should be a nice, relaxing weekend. We'll even pop over to NJ for part of it.


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