Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stardate 60132.65 - Out and About on Friday

I enjoyed a well-deserved day away from work on Friday and spent it with Loren's Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen. We took a trip to Chinatown and ate some very inexpensive and very tasty dumplings and Aunt Jen looked around for a briefcase (unsuccessfully). The lighting was not great, as it was quite windy and signs and banners kept causing shadows to pop across our shots. Afterwards we went back to the apartment where Loren entertained.

Friday night Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen cooked a soup for us,

and we all made homemade pasta as an appetizer.

Our trip out to NJ for the weekend was canceled as Andy and Jen had to go to Ohio unexpectedly, which means Cheryl and I will be doing taxes on Sunday instead.


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