Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stardate 61010.38 - Down by the River

Since my Mom is selling the place in Virginia to move to Vermont, I took a stroll with Loren and Cheryl down to the river to snap a few pictures, since I may not have the opportunity to do so again. This is not the house where I grew up, so selling it does not invoke the same sence of nostalgia that selling the house in Churchville did. After my parents were divorced my sister and I lived with our Dad for a short time in Lexington VA, and then we moved to the Churchville property when I was in second grade. I don't really remember too much about the Lexington house or yard, but the Churchville house was sold while I was in college and I knew every nook and cranny of those 11 acres, and I even have background material for a novel based on a fantasy land my sister and I invented and played in as children - a land that remarkably matches that property, except on a much grander scale. In late High School I actually outlined the novel and wrote 20 pages or so, but have not gotten back to it.

Anyway, the Verona house was purchased after I graduated college (if I remember the dates correctly) so I never really played as a kid down by the river (although I have taken a canoe ride or two there).

Regardless, the pictures are pretty cool and I thought I'd share.


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