Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stardate 61038.78 - Hectic Days

Cheryl didn't think the pictures from dinner after the play date on Saturday were too bad, so she gave me permission to put one up.

Today was extremely hectic. Cheryl had a couple of hours of work to do, so I watched Loren while she was out. Then I had about 3 hours of homework for my class, most of which I got done during Loren's nap. We still have to do laundry tonight and I have to pack as I am going to Virginia for Mon-Tue. I also had to pay bills, and we had to pay estimated taxes. I think I've had about 20 minutes of "leisure" time all day, and that was when Loren napped and I drank my large, decaf skim latte - before I started my homework. I hope to be able to take 45 minutes tonight after Loren goes to bed to see Law and Order from Friday night. But we still have laundry and I still have to pack and we still have dinner and on and on and on....

Very hectic. Loren is at that point where she requires almost constant supervision yet isn't playing by herself enough to just plop her down somewhere for an hour - she wants you involved in her play, too. While I love spending time with her, sometimes I just want an hour to myself! And my trip to VA is going to be a stressful, all day into the evening type of meeting so I will have very little "me" time on this one.

I was certainly unprepared for the total lack of leisure time once we had Loren. I am still reeling from Christmas when I thought having a week off from work would give me time to read, and work on my class work in advance, and have time to relax. Wrong. My leisure time was the 1.5-2 hours I was awake after Loren went to bed. That caught me by surprise. I only hope that by the time we go on vacation she is able to self-entertain somewhat, or else that won't be terribly relaxing either (apart from not having to work).


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