Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stardate 61037.48 - Play Date

Loren has officially outgrown her current shoes, and Cheryl took her for a new measurement and new shoes Saturday morning. Loren is now a size 6 and has new Nike tennis shoes and a pair of dressier shoes. Loren also had a play date over in Queens on Saturday, and although we took the camera we forgot to take any pictures.

On the way back we decided to walk down Queen's Blvd to find a place to eat dinner. We stumbled upon a Turkish restaurant named Hemsin, and not only was the food really good but Loren was extremely well-behaved. She loved the bread and spent most of the meal working that. I did snap a couple of pictures at the resturant but Loren has been fighting off a cold for about a week and her nose came out pretty crusty-looking in the pictures, so I decided not to put them up.

Because of the Baba ghanoush appetizer neither of us could finish our meal and we got it wrapped up. Of course, this meant that we were fighting with (by that time) a very tired Loren, a diaper bag, the stroller, and a bag of left-over dinner for our subway ride back home.

And in the Curt was obviously too tired from getting up with Loren Saturday morning at 5 AM department, as I set the bill to the side with my credit card I knocked over an entire glass of water into my lap. I thought it was the children who were supposed to do things like that? And I was wearing cargo pants so it was really obvious. I put on my jacket and buttoned it up and hoped that it covered all the wet parts on me so it didn't look like I soiled myself. Cheryl pointed out that no-one pays attention to anyone else on the subway, and Loren was really tired for the ride home and was squirming and kicking and bumping into the people next to Cheryl and drawing all the attention anyway. Especially when we approached Grand Central and Cheryl took her phone away so we could make the transfer, and Loren began yelling. At least that meant she went to bed easily Saturday night!


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-s said...

I was down on the Lower East Side back in 1999 or so on some realrankings business and while walking down the sidewalk a homeless guy whipped it out and started pissing on the wall of a building. He didn't have any dehydration problems.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't think what happened to you was outside the bounds of people's expectations. No need to be embarrassed.