Monday, January 01, 2007

Stardate 61003.23 - New Year's

For New Year's Eve we drove from my Mom's place up to Andy and Jen's new condo in Arlington (I'm sorry, that would be self-designated "Fun Uncle Andy and Fun Aunt Jen").

We then went out to dinner with them and 4 of their friends at The Matchbox restaurant in Washington, DC (which their condo is conveniently close to - we got into DC, parked, and were at the restaurant in about 20 minutes). The food was alright, although it was a little disappointing that they didn't have the correct number of chairs or the high-chair already at the table when we showed up. We had a reservation, we were right on time, they knew how many people were coming and that we would have a baby, and yet the table was not ready.

Not that it really mattered, because Loren was so sleep deprived that she was not on her best behavior and we had to leave before dessert. Here she is looking mad, with a cut on her nose from her fingernail, and scrapes on her cheeks where she fell trying to run down Nana's gravel road to the creek. (I told her that is what happens when she jerks her hand out of Daddy's hand and tries to run downhill on her own.)

We then went back to Andy and Jen's where we watched a couple of old episodes of The Office (US Version) and Small Space, Big Style until Jen and Cheryl each fell asleep around 10 PM. Then we went to bed. I think only Andy stayed up until midnight to watch the ball drop.

We got up the next morning (today) and drove back home. Luckily for us, traffic was pretty light and we didn't have any problems. Even with a 30-minute stop for lunch, we made it back in less than 5 hours.



-s said...

First, I will have to take credit for "Fun Uncle Andy." I think I came up with it in Ohio in 2004.

Did they not have bread with dipping oil? That is like crack to little kids. Well at least ours. Hmmm.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

I didn't know that bread and dipping oil could cure sleep deprivation - that was a property I was not aware it possessed. ;-)

Nothing was going to calm her down that night.

I'll let you and Andy fight it out as to who first designated him as "fun".