Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stardate 61043.07 - At the Ritz

I had an off-site to attend in Virginia Monday and Tuesday of this week, so I was on the 0600 shuttle down from NYC Monday morning. Since Monday was a Federal holiday, traffic was light, the plane was empty, and the airport was nearly deserted. We arrived at National Airport in record time and I was able to go to my office first and get some things done before I had to head over to The Ritz for the meetings.

Since the meetings and dinner ran until late Monday evening and will start up again early this morning, I made a command decision to stay at the hotel so I didn't have to drive off to some other place late Monday night and then drive back over early this morning. It just made no sense to do that.

I know it is still winter, but it is depressing to look out my hotel window at 0730 and have it still be this dark. Sigh. I think I'm ready for spring, even though we really haven't had winter yet.

I called Cheryl this morning and Loren apparently did not have a restful night last night, so "you picked a good night to be away" she told me this morning. I hope it was just a one-off event, as she has been really good since we got back from the Christmas visit.

Finally, I took a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror, just for the fun of it. These pictures are from my phone, so they are not of the highest quality, but I wanted to get a post up this morning and I dislike posting without some type of picture.

I'll be back in NYC tonight in time for my class, as long as the flights are on schedule.

McLean, VA


JamesF said...

I've seen your class mentioned several times now. I must have missed you saying what class it is you're taking. Enquiring minds want to know.

BullBunky said...

What a sexy photo :) Sorry, maybe it was the low light and the tee shirt...lol.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Alright, John, keep your shirt on!


James - I'll post about the class soon.

JamesF said...

Capt Sawyer: I'll post about the class soon.

Speaking of posts coming soon. Whatever happened to the post you were going to do on "Attachment Parenting"? I seem to recall you were going to write up something on that at one point.