Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stardate 61083.08 - Coastal Navigation Certified

I took my ASA Coastal Navigation (105) exam tonight and while I'd like to say I beat everyone in the class, unfortunately I only tied for the highest score. Me and one other guy got 97 on the exam. Everyone in the class did pass, which the instructor said has only happened once before (there is something like a 25% fail rate for this class).

A few people have also commented on my lack of posts recently. I'm supporting a client here in NYC and the hours required are much higher than my previous work. By the time I get home at night (sometimes after 8 PM), and then catch up on things around the apartment or deal with old projects I'm trying to wrap up, there simply is no time to post. So I'm probably going to be down to 1-2 posts per week for the next couple of months while I'm working this assignment.

And again, I would have posted a picture but blogger is giving me some stupid random error message and won't upload the pictures. And it just told me it couldn't post my entry because bX-45y3w1.

Can you bastards at blogger get your crap together?


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-R said...

Congrats on passing!