Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stardate 61057.39 - Loren's First Resturant Meal

On Saturday we went to NJ to pick up some presents for Loren that had not arrived before Christmas and to exchange some items. And also to visit her parents. I spent most of the time doing homework for my class, and today I have to catch up on some work so this will be a really quick post.

Saturday night we all went to Baja Fresh for dinner (on our way back to NYC) and Cheryl ordered Loren a kid's meal. Loren loved the chips (but we already knew that) and ate a bunch of rice and applesauce with a spoon. She tried to use the spoon on the bean burrito, and that didn't go over so well so Grandpop finished that off for her. She also drank her milk with a straw which went as well as her attempts to use a straw normally go...she sometimes takes too much liquid into her mouth and so she lets it dump out onto her clothes. But she did very well.

And we realized during the meal that it was the first time we had actualy ordered Loren her own dinner, rather than bringing food and/or giving her some of ours. A milestone! And of course, we didn't have the camera with us so Cheryl and I each snapped a picture with my camera.


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JamesF said...

You didn't have your camera, so you took a picture with ... your camera. Huh?

Am I the only one that got confused at that point? I assume you meant your phone (which makes sense, the resolution looks similar to other pictures you've posted from your phone, plus the photo name starts with "ATT").