Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stardate 60997.87 - Week Off With Family

We spent the rest of the week at Mom & Judy's in Virginia, visiting with lots of family. As they are selling the place and moving to Vermont, this may be the last event at the house. I took a short trip down to the river with Loren and Cheryl to snap a couple of final photos. I also had many pictures of family events.

Loren enjoyed climbing the steps of the tree house.

Loren got her first Ragety Anne doll from Grammy.

Cheryl enjoys a rare moment without Loren hanging on her.

In anticipation of the move, they sold the large, artificial tree that is normally used at Christmas time and had to get a substitute for the presents to go under. This one is not really a color that is found in nature, we decided.

Verona, VA

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