Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stardate 60961.15 - Cheryl's Birthday

Friday was Cheryl's birthday, and so we had several activities this weekend in celebration of her 35th. First, Friday also happened to be the holiday party at Loren's day care so we had food and drink and presents in the afternoon.

Next, we invited several of Cheryl's co-workers over Friday night after Loren's bedtime to celebrate Cheryl's birthday. We had 16 people show up for the event from 8:30 until 11:30 PM. Again, we had food and drink and presents. Here the table is ready for the guests to arrive. I gave Cheryl several of the serving dishes on the table, in addition to her main present of the new camera.

Cheryl unwraps a gift.
People enjoying the party.

It wouldn't be a party without a picture of Francois looking silly.

On Saturday, Cheryl's parents came into town to babysit and Cheryl and I went to an early dinner close to home at Cafe Boulud, followed by a trip down to Bar on A in the East Village to watch a band comprised of some employees from Cheryl's work. The band was not too bad - better than some of the bands Cheryl and I went to see when we first moved to NYC. I was standing on a bar stool at the back of the room when I took this photo with my cell phone, so it is pretty bad but gives you a flavor of the place.

Cheryl's parents spent the night and on Sunday we went to church, followed by lunch at 879-Taco.

I think she had a good time overall, and it was a nice multi-event birthday weekend!


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