Friday, December 29, 2006

Stardate 60993.85 - Trip to the Park

We went to the local town park (Gypsy Hill Park) on Thursday and met my old high school friend and debate partner Vince and his wife Kathy there. The park is actually in Staunton, not Verona, but it is a very short drive away. They had their youngest daughter, Serafina, with them and she enjoyed playing on the swings and things while Loren napped (on the way back from lunch Loren was also able to enjoy the park). It was much colder then our trip back in July, and there were a lot fewer leaves on the trees.

We walked from the park to the Clocktower Tavern for lunch. The food was pretty good, and there were no other customers in the place as we were finishing up so the girls could run around.

And here are two items to show that we are in rural America. First, the new craze in lawn decorations seem to be these enormous, inflatable items. We really don't see these in NYC.

And Second, while we were in line for a movie Thursday night a woman called to her two children by shouting, "Come on Dakota! Come on Montana!" Cheryl said, "Where are Nevada and Oregon?"

Verona, VA


-s said...

So JamesF lives in rural America? You should really warn him!

-R said...

-S, apparently we live in rural America too! Did you know that?

The kiddos were very upset when Walmart sold their floor samples and the kiddos could no longer see them up front.

JamesF said...

I saw this post this morning, but didn't have time to comment on it before I had to leave. But yea, I agree with -s, this elitist crap of if it's not in NY City then it must be rural is a bit much. I'm kidding about you being elitist of course, but it is a bit simplistic to say that because you see blow stuff in Augusta County that it's a rural thing.

These blow up things are everywhere around here in the DC area. I have one (picture from last year), there was an insane amount of them down the street (also from last year). Heck, even Scott has one.

Trailing Male said...

Well, you'll all be happy to know it's contagious: Monterrey, Mexico, has the darned inflatable lawn ornaments, too! We've seen them for both Christmas and Halloween down here!

ac said...

-s, i never looked at your profile before tonight...why are you linked with some bridezilla?

oh, and about the inflatable thing...umm, anything west or south of arlington county is now rural to me...

-s said...

Because I helped a friend at work set up a blog that she never used and wasn't able to get my account unattached.

I personally think anything less urban than central Tokyo is the sticks. Manhattanites to me are just redneck buttpillaging tractor pilots. Don't get me started on DC.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

OK, everyone. I was going to say, "These these are tacky as hell and I don't understand why anyone not on meth or drunk would ever purchase one," but I didn't want to offend anyone. Since I clearly offended people anyway, I'm going ahead and saying,

"I think these giant, inflatable things are the stupidest, tackiest, most lame-ass items in the history of Christmas decorations."