Friday, December 01, 2006

Stardate 60918.02 - Video Ad for the Wii

Couple of things. First, I don't like the fact that Google Video now makes you wait to be "verified" when you upload a video through their web interface. It used to only be the really large movies uploaded through their special tool that needed to be "verified" and anything uploaded via the web was instantly ready for viewing. Not anymore. I uploaded a video of Loren but am still waiting for it to be "verified" and ready for viewing.

Secondly, while I do enjoy a computer game or two per year, I've never been a game console type of guy. Sure, I had an Atari 2600 back in the day, and I had the first Nintendo (the NES) when I was in college, but that's it. So I know very little about the video console wars currently underway.

This ad for the Wii, however, is hysterical. So enjoy it while we all wait for the latest Loren video to be approved.



Trailing Male said...

"It lacks good taste, but it's funny," says Emily. I think it'll irritate a lot of uptight people, like the Rolling Rock Beer Ape ad, but I like it.

I see it's from G4, that mysterious station that, in over a month of fine digital cable service in Monterrey, has only been viewable for about two days. Grr... it's the channel that carries ST:TNG, STv2, and several other shows I enjoy.

Puckman said...

funny funny stuff, how close our gaming systems translate to real life;)