Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stardate 60986.75 - Zach's Birthday Party

His seventh birthday may have been Saturday, but my sister had the birthday party for my nephew Zach today. Here is the hostess, busy taking pictures.

My grandmother and Dad drove in from Richmond, and we all had a fun time trying to get the toys out of the shoplifting-proof packaging. I haven't purchased a small, mass-produced toy in some time, but the amount of twist-ties and plastic ties holding these things into their cardboard boxes is ridiculous. It took longer to get the damn things out then it did to wrap and unwrap them combined!!

Here Cheryl helps Loren unwrap her gifts. Loren is not so interested in the unwrapping, which is why she is not in the photo.

My Mom and Grandmother on the couch.

My Dad, my Grandmother (Mom's mom), me and Loren.

Four generations in one photo.

Verona, VA

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