Saturday, December 23, 2006

Stardate 60977.25 - T-2 Days 'Til Christmas

Cards are in the mail.
All the gifts have been purchased.
Christmas break starts now.

Last night Cheryl and I watched Dark Water. It was a pretty good movie, with the "right creepiness factor" as Cheryl put it. No graphic violence or anything, but yet nice and scary. A review posted on IMDB stated that it was a tale "of quietly disturbing dread," and that is pretty accurate. The fact that it takes place on Roosevelt Island (where we used to keep our car) made it even more interesting to watch. It wasn't really a Christmas Movie (horror, in fact), and I won't give away the plot other than to say it does not have a typical Hollywood ending - maybe because it is based on a Japanese movie from a few years earlier. Regardless, two thumbs up.


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