Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stardate 60924.19 - Movie Review and Happy Birthday

Yesterday we had an exciting trip to Costco, followed by a trip to Home Depot for plastic storage containers, which we proceeded to fill with clothes that Loren has outgrown. Today we took a brief trip out to NJ to deposit the storage containers in Cheryl's parents' basement. They were off to a Polka concert this afternoon and invited us to attend, and as excited as we may have been about the invitation, sadly we had to beg off due to Loren's short attention span. ;-)

On the way out of town to NJ this morning, we stopped at B&H so Cheryl could pick up her birthday present, a Cannon Powershot SD700 IS. A birthday present that she researched, she selected, she physically went into the store, and she purchased. My role in this gift was to say, "Yes, I agree we should get a small camera," and to drive around the block with Loren while she picked it up, taking care not to accidentally turn onto the approach for the Lincoln Tunnel. I like these types of birthday presents!!

I guess I'll still get her a little something as a surprise to unwrap on her actual birthday, however. The background on this gift is that Cheryl decided we needed a small camera to compliment our Cannon S2 IS because "In public I can manage Loren or the camera, but not both!" We think managing both will now be possible with the smaller camera. Here are two pictures of Loren from the new camera. Please disregard the Cheerios stuck to her clothes, as she had just finished dinner!

Changing gears somewhat, we also saw Panic Room this weekend - half on Saturday night and the second half on Sunday night. I gave it a thumb-up, but Cheryl gave it a thumb-sideways. She said she may have liked it more if we hadn't recently seen Flightplan, also with Jodie Foster and her "child" in dire peril. I liked the movie but felt the last 60 seconds or so fell flat - my same reaction to Flightplan (see my review here). I think it is worth a rental, just don't get it and Flightplan in the same short period of time!



JamesF said...

So does the new power shot have the delay factor when taking a picture? Have they finally managed to overcome that? That was the one reason I hated my old Power Shot G2, the 800 millisecond delay in taking a picture waiting for it to actually focus on the subject (I missed more shots that way).

And changing gears a bit. I see that blogger beta has some completely different system for storing photos (based on the link locations). The old blogger used to use your blog ID in the link, I have no idea how the links are formed from looking at the links to the images now.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

There is a delay, but is is not as bad as on the older Cannons (it seems to get better with every new Cannon we purchase).

Cheryl said...

That was the main reason we upgraded from the G2 to the S2 last year -- we knew we would never be able to get a picture of a toddler with the G2. We have never had a problem with the delay on the S2, and the SD700 seems even faster.

Rick Anderson said...

We bought the SD600 several months ago after doing extensive research and everyone in the house likes it. The 600 has a quick autofocus and as you've seen on my blog - we take pictures of the kids baseball and softball action shots without any problems. It think you're going to really like the 700. I think the newer versions have the auto-stabilization.

BullBunky said...

The SD700 is an excellent choice :) Our SD500 has served us well, and I've been eyeing an upgrade for months.