Monday, October 23, 2006

Stardate 60811.22 - Vacation Plans

Over the weekend Cheryl and I started looking into a Caribbean vacation for this winter. We believe we've found an island and a resort that will have what we want (sand and good food options), and will be kid-friendly. We're going to finalize reservations and such over the next couple of weeks.

Planning a vacation is sure fun, even if the dates we are looking at are 6 months away.



-R said...

Today is October 23 and 6 months from now is April 23, so how is a vacation at the end of April/beginning of May a winter vacation?

-s said...

It's always winter in NYC! Except for when it's summer, but they have already made their plans to go to the Catskills.

Wait, wrong relatives in NYC. Nevermind.

JamesF said...

You did the math wrong. It's six months away between the three of them, so that's only two months from now, right in the dead of winter! :-)