Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stardate 60833.86 - Loren's First Halloween

While I was off in Norfolk working on a proposal, I missed Loren's first Halloween. Luckily, Cheryl took some great pictures to share with me (and all of you). In the picture above she is exploring the courtyard of our building. And here she is enjoying the party at daycare - and her first juice box!

Here is Loren with "Mom".

And finally, raiding the neighbor's candy bowl in the hallway.

Norfolk, VA


JamesF said...

Man, that sucks that you had to miss it. Cute costume though, home made or store bought?

cheryl said...

Store bought. I am not so handy with a sewing machine... nor do I even own a sewing machine. We found such a gem, believe it or not, on the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory.

Our building has trick-or-treating for the kids. I took her to the lobby to see all the costumes but then skipped the actual trick or treating part. As you can see from the video Loren is getting pretty hard to control in crowded places. She has no fear of running into groups of people.

Anonymous said...

Her costume is precious! And Loren is adorable in it!