Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stardate 60805.62 - Friday a Bust

My grand plans for all-day sailing on Friday went up in smoke. Or more specifically, rain and wind. The noon skipper and crew did not show up because it was raining slightly. I, however, was there with my foul-weather gear ready to go. After giving them 30 minutes, I went back home.

I went back down to North Cove for a 4:30 PM sail, however a front had moved through and the winds were up to 25-30 miles per hour, gusting to 30-35 miles per hour. The club won't let you take the boats out if the winds is gusting to 25 or above. Julian and I did go out into the cove with two more crew to practice docking and un-docking but the wind and waves made it very, very difficult and we stopped after about 30 minutes. And while I feel I did pretty well docking, I feel like I pretty much sucked at backing the boat up - an area where I need additional practice.

Finally, I enjoyed a beer and chatting with Kellie (runs the school portion), Paula (dockmaster on duty), Julian, and another skipper who was there for some reason I never determined. Then it was back home for the evening, while Julian stayed to teach the final class of the season. The boats are decomissioned on Sunday, so it will be 6 months before I get to sail with the club again.

And I am signed up for the Coastal Navigation course in January. Just another milestone on my path to becoming a cruising sailor.


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