Friday, October 13, 2006

Stardate 60783.18 - Back Home

I'm back home after spending most of these past two weeks in Virginia working on a proposal. At National Airport I got to watch a mouse run back and forth between the unmanned counters on the right and the tall flight status monitor case on the left. It seemed to be a baby mouse as it was very, very tiny. No, not cockroach tiny - it clearly was a mouse.

The flight was very, very bumpy on the way back and I didn't get a drink because they discontinued the beverage service. Everyone was a little concerned about the bumps, and at one point I was pretty sure the overhead compartments were going to open up and vomit their contents down on our heads (it was that bad). The only person feeling no pain (and loudly feeling no pain) was on his second beer on the plane (too bad beverage service was still operating when they got to him), which he must have put down on at least 2 more in the airport. He thought he was on a carnival ride. I guess he kept everyone's minds off the turbulence.

Working hard to finalize the proposal today and over the weekend, but at least I got home Thursday night and was able to play with Loren this morning while Cheryl got ready for work.



-R said...

Maybe now you can take some much deserved time off!

-s said...

Did Cheryl provide a bottle of water and cookie?