Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stardate 62166.29 - Visit to NJ

Cheryl took Loren to gymnastics this morning, and I got the car out and picked them up when it was over so we could drive straight to NJ for some visiting. First we went to visit Linda and her children, Hadley and Logan, at Linda's sister's place. Linda lives in Geneva but used to work with Cheryl so we try to visit when she is in town. Loren had a ball playing with all the toys, and I enjoyed putting Thomas the Train tracks together.

Linda's sister has a dog the size of a small pony, and while she was tremendously friendly she was a little scary to the kids. As long as I was petting her she was calm and the kids were brave enough to pet her, too. But once I stopped she jumped up and hopped around and the kids went running!

After lunch and a short visit there, we went to Cheryl's parents' place for a visit and dinner. Loren enjoyed the toys there, and also got in some time in the driveway in the little yellow car. But it was pretty cold, so I cut the outside play short. We had an extremely uneventful trip back into the city and made it home in record time.

Tomorrow is family day at the gym and then we'll meet a high school classmate of mine and her family who happen to be in town for lunch.


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