Friday, March 28, 2008

Stardate 62239.71 - Easter, Part Four

After Dad and Ma-maw left for Richmond, we went over to Tracy's so Loren could see the horses.

Zach was very excited to show Loren the barn.

Loren wasn't too sure she liked the horses. One of Tracy's dogs, Shadow, kept jumping on Loren and Loren kept telling him to "get down!" Later she said, "I don't like Shadow!" Once we got back home, however, she has continued to say, "Who was the jumping dog? Shadow!"

Loren loved playing in Zach's room with all his toys, and when we told her it was time to leave, she said, "No, I'm playing all day long!"

Here is the standard picture of Cheryl driving us back (she took the first shift).

Here Loren and Daddy party in the back seat. Things went well for the first 2 hours, until she put about 10 bunny crackers in her mouth and then decided she didn't like them and spit out a large, spitty wad of mushy crackers all over her, her seat, and her clothes.


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