Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stardate 62206.30 - Everything is Illuminated

Cheryl and I watched Everything is Illuminated Saturday night. Cheryl had previously read the book, I had not. The general plot is that an American Jewish man of East European descent returns to the Ukraine to find a woman who may have helped his grandfather escape from the Nazis.

In general, it was disappointing. Cheryl thought that 10 minutes in or so it managed to capture the dark humor of the book, but it then lost it very quickly. It was uneven and very slow in parts, while quite funny here and there but just not consistent. Cheryl also thought it seemed quite different from the book in many places, at least as far as she could remember.

I think we have to give this one two thumbs down. Cheryl fell asleep 20 minutes before the end and plans to watch what she missed later today, but her mind is pretty much made up.


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