Monday, March 10, 2008

Stardate 62191.05 - Spitzer Must Resign

In case you missed it, our Governor was just caught up in a prostitution sting. Eliot Spitzer, a former state attorney general who was elected on a platform of cleaning up Albany, has been charged with a Federal Crime (violating the Mann Act, passed by Congress in 1910 to address prostitution) for arranging for the transportation of a prostitute across state lines.

It is bad enough that he now looks like a complete and total hypocrite, but he has probably just cost the Democrats control over the NY State Senate, which they were poised to win this fall. Even worse, "as attorney general Mr. Spitzer also had prosecuted at least two prostitution rings as head of the state’s organized crime task force" (NY Times). If he were a Republican I would be demanding that he resign, and it would be hypocritical of me to not do so now. (For the record, I am an Independent/Moderate, but I think most people know I tend to tilt Democratic.)

Mr. Spitzer, you have disgraced yourself, your party, your family, and your state. Resign immediately so we can get on with business.



wtfree3 said...

And you can guarantee this wasn't the first time this has been done. How romantic, too - the day before Valentine's Day! The wife has got to love this.

So much for his national aspirations, much less his governorship (as you so put it).

s said...

Not to mention the Sherman Antitrust violations for using his position as AG to go after the competition!! I know he hates free-market economies, but this is really too much.

In the end, just another dirty politician. Oh well.

s said...

The ID theft part is hilarious too. Just thought I'd throw that in. You'd think the guy would have picked up something from all the criminals he put in jail.

JamesF said...

Fished your wish.