Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stardate 62186.72 - Casino Royale

I watched Casino Royale on Saturday (Cheryl started to watch but fell asleep). They have done a good job in re-starting the franchise by eliminating "Q" and all the impossible gadgets and making it someone more realistic, at least in terms of equipment. The problem is that all the insane chases that you used to go to a Bond film to see are all done in other movies (like Borne). It is harder and harder to one-up the previous action film with the next. And these chases are all done so well and the budgets are so high that you end up expecting them and they just are not special anymore - they are required. And not really unique. At the start, Cheryl said, "Wasn't there another Bond film with a chase through a construction site? Or was that one of the Borne movies? I cannot remember." When they all start blurring together you see my point that none of them are special anymore.

The story is actually pretty straightforward and easy to follow and Craig is easy to imagine as a British Agent (although Cheryl said he had a "2-hours a day in the gym" body and not a "wiry special agent" body).

Overall I give it a thumbs-up, and while the chases are pretty cool I'm not sure they are all that memorable.



Cheryl said...

Actually I figured out that the reason the construction site chase seemed familiar was that the movie was playing on the overhead televisions on a flight we were on at some point last year (although it did also remind me of the Algiers rooftop chase in Bourne). On the airplane I watched up until the embassy scene but the sound was so bad I gave up. This time, I obviously made it as far as a shirtless scene for Daniel Craig (really, how would a 007 jetting around the world have time to get that built?? workout rooms on the planes?).

JamesF said...

I liked this slightly more than you it seems. I liked the fact that there weren't a lot of over the top chase scenes and a lot less camp. Seems to me if you're a spy (and supposedly a good one) you wouldn't be constantly calling attention to yourself by having various people chase you around, you would just get in, get what you needed and get out with no one the wiser. The only real chase scene I can recall in this film was the construction site stuff at the beginning, which felt more like that viral russian climbing video than part of a Bond movie, and even that chase scene seemed gratuitous.