Friday, February 17, 2012

Stardate 66129.42 - Urgent Appeal

Please sign the petition!!

Memorial Sloan Kettering wants to build a new out-patient facility right up against our home.  Our building has been asking for compromises to preserve some light and air, and MSK is ignoring us. Please join us in protesting the decision of MSK to ignore the pleas of its new neighbors completely, and show total disrespect for our quality of life and the quality of life in the surrounding community by constructing a building without giving any thought to how it will impact its neighbors and neighborhood.  The point of this petition is to protest MSK's decision to ignore its neighbors and the grave impact that the construction of its desired building will have on our community. We are asking for a cordial discussion with MSK officials so they can work with us to minimize the damage caused to our residents, our building and our neighborhood.

Please sign the petition asking them to work with us, not steamroll over us!


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